Greenspeed Microfibre Cloth


40cm x 40cm

Microscopic triangular fibres (4-6 microns) traps and removes bacteria and other harmful microbes down to 2-8 microns.  Highly absorptive and holds a positive electrostatic charge to attract dirt, dust, bacteria, pollen, light contamination and other negatively charged organic particles.

This microfibre cloth has optimal composition with splitting of the fibres and a special weft knitting technique ensures optimal absorbency. Each cloth is electrostatic, meaning microbes and particles are attracted to the cloth.  The microfibre cloth creates a static charge (imagine your pet’s hair when you rub a balloon on them) that will attract any dust or particles on the surface and will stick to them.

  • Durable, quality microfibre cloth for cleaning almost any surface
  • Excellent cleaning power and absorbency
  • Works through capillary action to attract the dirt and hold it
  • Can be washed at least 400 times
  • Can absorb four times its own weight
  • Strong edge finish, so that the microfibre cloth does not shrink

USE:  Use dry or slightly damp for daily cleaning of practically every surface. The Greenspeed® microfibre technology guarantees a quality and durable cloth with unique cleaning and absorbing capacities.

Used dry, an deal dust cloth.  Slightly damp, it quickly removes dust and dirt and leaves no wipe marks.

DIRECTIONS:  Before washing, rinse cloth to remove any residual cleaning agents from the microfibres.  Use a liquid detergent. Do not use detergents that contain bleach or optical brighteners or with a pH higher than 10.

Do not use fabric softener.  Select a washing programme with a limited washing cycle or handwash.   Air dry as often as possible.