Nanobubble Technology

Nanostream nanobubble technology

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Enhance cleaning

Reduce chemicals

increase production.

Nanobubbles are microscopic, long lasting bubbles, about 2500 times smaller than a grain of salt. 

Nanobubbles remain stable in water for an extended period of time due to their strong negative surface charge and neutral buoyancy.  Unlike normal bubbles, nanobubbles stay submerged for longer. Because they are negatively charged, they repel from each other, keeping evenly distributed and will move around rather than upwards to the surface.

Our Innovative Technology

Nanobubbles is an exciting new technology that is revolutionising industries across the world in the treatment of water and protection of natural resources.


Nanostream works with SIO Nanobubble, an innovative technology licensing and manufacturing company specialising in the development and use of Nanobubble technology to deliver sustainable solutions that enable industries to increase production, lower energy costs and reduce the use of chemicals without harming the environment.


Our patented SIO technology generates trillions of bubbles with a diameter smaller than the wavelength of light into liquids to deliver remarkable features that ordinary bubbles do not possess. Our bubbles are negatively charged and stay suspended in liquids for months to accelerate the growth of plants, prevent biofilm and mineral scale formation, improves filtration, solubility, detergency, lubricity properties and much more.

We help industries optimise water resources and processing techniques, increase production, improve chemical-free water treatment and offer scalable solutions in the various fields of science and technology, including industrial, biological and medical fields.

Unique Nanobubble Characteristics

Size – Nanobubbles are generally classified as being less than 200 nanometers (nm) in diameter and stay suspended in aqueous fluids for months. Unlike larger size bubbles that increase in size, rise rapidly and burst at the water surface.

Zero maintenance and running cost – Nanostream generators have been designed to be easily retrofitted into existing systems. No additional pumps or external gas source required.

Effective cleaning – Nanobubbles strong negative surface charge allows them to attract and remove dirt and reduce detergents and solvents needed for cleaning.

Kills Bacteria – Nanobubbles produce hydroxyl radicals for chemical-free elimination of odour causing bacteria and prevents biofilm buildup in lines. Creates a safer work environment for employees.

Increased Lubricity – Nanobubbles reduce surface tension and provide excellent drag reduction and friction resistance on surfaces in liquids.

Improved Heat Transfer – Nanobubbles increase thermal-physical properties of liquids for greater heat transfer efficiency and energy conservation.

We help businesses design and implement cutting-edge solutions powered by nanobubble technology. Speak to an expert to discover how you can improve water quality and implement your cutting-edge solution powered by nanobubble technology.

Fighting germs at the molecular level.