Bactiscan™ and BactiscanPRO™



User-friendly handheld bacteria and biofilm detection systems that utilise proprietary wave-alternating UV light technology to locate surface contamination, especially as a prelude to ATP swab testing in production facilities. Being lightweight, and easy-to-use, one operator can examine large areas quickly, with minimal training required. The Bactiscan & BactiscanPRO are environmentally friendly and safe for people and products, as it requires no chemicals to generate results.

Benefits offered by the Bactiscan™ and BactiscanPRO™

  • Immediately isolate areas of bacteria, biofilms, mould, product residue and many other contaminants
  • Inspect large surface areas quickly and easily
  • Environmentally friendly, non-invasive, and safe to handle/use
  • For most areas, downtime is not required
  • BactiscanPRO™ utilises still photography and video capture capability for maintenance and remedial works
  • Can help save money by making other testing, such as ATP swab tests, more targeted and efficient