Work space protection

Covid-19 Deep Clean And Protection – Effective For 60 Days

Protect your business, staff and customers to maintain a healthier indoor environment for up to 60 days

You may believe that frequent wiping of surfaces with disinfectant sanitiser will keep you and your staff and customers safe from micro-organisms. However bacteria and viruses on a surface can create a protective biofilm – an invisible cover for superbugs, resistant to cleaning and disinfectant. Specific cleaning techniques and products are required to effectively remove the biofilm and kill off the bad bugs.

Covid-19 Clean

Protect your staff, customers, workspace and home.

Deep Covid clean and sanitise plus long lasting antimicrobial protection. Free of toxins, effective, safe for humans, pets and plants.


The invisible threat to your good health and a major cause of asthma and allergies.

Kills and removes the mould spores – surface and airborne. Plus 12 month anti-mould surface protectant. Ideal for home, workspaces, rental properties.
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Toxin-free, FDA approved anti-microbial disinfectant.





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"Our aged care facility switched their cleaning process to the Healthy Buildings system four months ago and things have never been better. For longer than I can remember there was a musty smell in our palliative and respite wing, but now it is all gone. Thank you Healthy Buildings."
Joan, VIC
“As a real estate property manager, I was constantly worrying about protecting our rental properties from the growth of mould and mildew. The bi-annual servicing that Healthy Buildings provides ensures it will never be a problem again. ”
Tim, QLD
"My eldest daughter has struggled with asthma her whole life. Switching the air-conditioning filters in our house to the Healthy Buildings ones helped reduce the frequency of her attacks almost overnight. I never realised how many irritants she was breathing in till she was no longer suffering her crippling attacks."
Tessa, NSW

The Green solution to inhibit microbial growth.